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Kalendarz dla dzieci - naklejanka

Kalendarz dla dzieci - naklejanka

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⁃ Daddy, when is my birthday?
⁃ May 26, Sunshine.
⁃ But when is that?!
⁃ In two months.
⁃ Is that long? How many seconds is it? Gotta brush my teeth a lot?

Time is a strange and incomprehensible creation for a child. Especially the time that takes SOOOO LOOONG, when you have to wait for something that should really happen now and now, not later ;)
How to explain simply when grandma's birthday will be and whether two weeks is actually a short or long time? Everyone probably has to work out their own solution in this topic, but it is known that approaching everyday life with a grain of salt is the best solution :)

Every day is fun with this calendar! It's not a boring Tuesday morning, it's another colorful dot to stick on a unique picture! Each month is a different illustration that comes to life after sticking the circles. In November, the bear freezes, but thanks to the dots, it will be possible to wrap it in a warm, fluffy coat. Oh no, in February a leopard falls into an empty pool! But don't worry, the dots glued every day will fill his pool with colorful balls and it will be fun!

I attach a set of over 400 stickers to the calendar in various, beautiful colors, thanks to which the whole composition will be so beautiful that the poster will stay with you for longer, I bet! :) I'm curious what colors of ice cream scoops you will put on empty cones in July! :)

Technical data: Poster with dimensions of 42cm x 59.4cm (A2), printed on 250g paper with two strips on the short side (top/bottom) in black, with a hanger. Product shipped in a tube.
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